Is my employee entitled to Holiday Pay?

ALL WORKERS are entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday a year, this includes:

  • Agency workers
  • Workers on irregular hours (for example those on zero-hour contracts)
  • Part-year workers (for example, those who work term-time only)

It is also worth mentioning that holiday pay must be the employees’ ‘normal wages’ including all pay components they would normally earn, for example, regular overtime or performance-related bonuses must be calculated on a rolling 52-week average and paid on top of their fixed monthly salary.

However, calculating an employee’s yearly entitlement and pay can be very complex, follow current HMRC guidelines or use an HR professional to make sure you are always up to date.

GLX offers payroll packages that include holiday pay calculations for irregular-hour workers and additional holiday pay based on overtime etc. Please contact us directly for further details.

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